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Relaxers/Straightening Services

Rejuvenate your spirit with the body spa at Unisex Spa Salon in North Carolina. After daily hectic schedule, our body and mind need relaxation. At , we provide Spa Services which help in revitalizing your mind, body & soul. Our holistic therapies will help in making you stress-free.

There are several benefits associated with getting the body spa. It helps in providing relaxation to your body as well as to your mind. It helps in enhancing your physical as well as mental wellness. We use different kinds of Spa therapies to make you look good & feel good. Some of the benefits associated with Spa are listed below.

Rejuvenate Your Spirit: Spa helps in relieving stress from your mind. The use of aromatherapy at the Spa helps in providing you complete relaxation & rejuvenation. The power of essence helps in putting away your daily stress while making you feel good.

Relieves Pain: The massage is considered as the best remedy for chronic pain. The massage therapy helps in removing the stiffness of the muscle while providing you relief from the pain. The massage helps in enhancing the blood circulation in the body. This eventually results in providing nourishment to the injured body cell, thus restoring your original health. Skincare: The Spa treatment helps in restoring the original radiance of your skin. It helps in removing the marks and scars from the body.

Detox: Spa helps in removing the toxins from the body, thus offering you natural glowing skin. Due to certain factors, our body doesn’t release out the to

xins naturally. Spa therapy helps in oozing out the toxins from the body, thus restoring your natural skin. Mobilizing Cellulite: Spa Therapy helps in mobilizing extra cellulite from the body parts. The use of green tea moisturizer helps in hydrating the skin.

At , we use holistic therapies which ensure that you not only look good but also feel good. Our therapies include massage, aroma treatment, etc. These therapies help in providing you complete rejuvenation and healing. We are offering the complete range of packages based on your personalized needs. Our studio is well equipped with state of the art facility so that you get mesmerizing experience while enjoying the therapies with us.

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Natural Hair Straightening/Iron Work

$60 Onwards
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Virgin Relaxer + Cut + Style

$160 Onwards
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Retouch Relaxer + Cut + Style

$110 Onwards