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Hair Extensions Services

We all want long and healthy hair. But there are certain factors which adversely affect the growth of our hairs. These factors are external as well as internal. Is there any solution for hair problems like dandruff, hair loss, dull hair, rough hair, etc? Yes, indeed! Hair Spa helps in the re-growth of your hair. It provides you relief from these problems.

For proper care of hair, it is important to have normal oil secretion from the hair. The over secretion of the oil leads to change in the pH level which eventually results in the hair loss. We, at Magnifique Vogue Salon & Extensions Bar, helps in maintaining the natural growth of your hair. We provide complete Hair Spa Service in North Carolina through which we combat problems like hair loss, dull hair, dry hair, etc. We provide complete rejuvenation of your hair at our Spa.

We provide complete treatment for hair problems like dandruff, rough hair, etc. At our salon, our experts provide full-scale treatment using modern techniques so that you regain healthy and strong hair. During the sessions, we provide treatment based on personalized requirement so that you get the service from our end.

Hair Spa not only helps in offering nourishment to your hair but also it has a soothing impact on your mind and body. The sessions provide you relief from stress and anxiety. We take care of all you’re pampering so that you feel relaxed & rejuvenated.

Visit Magnifique Vogue Salon & Extensions Bar, Best Hair Spa Salon in North Carolina, for hair spa and other hair related services. Our treatment will help in providing you relief from several hair related problems like rough hair, dry hair, dull hair, hair loss, etc. The complete procedure takes place at our salon which is fully furnished with state of the art facilities. Furthermore, the complete care is provided by experts who have vast experience in this domain. Just relaxed as Magnifique Vogue Salon & Extensions Bar is here to take care of all your hair related needs. Visit us!

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Hair Extensions Application

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Hair Extension Remover

$150 to $250